socal 2015 Cup Engine


the engine is located in southwest Los Angeles. (i haven't priced shipping but figure at least $100, so local sale is preferred), $750

The bike it came off was sold as 'new' from dealer in late 2019; used by the importer for media events. I ran one track day and it ran fine, but when draining the fluids found a tab sheared off from the tube that directs oil spray to the gears. It took a while but just got it back from the dealer who tore it down and went thru it, found the tube in good condition. (apparently, during the original assembly the tube was mislocated shearing off the tab, and a replacement tube was correctly installed without finding the loose bit)

In the meantime I had acquired a 2nd engine to run the bike and it is working well. I can use the proceeds more than a spare engine.

so $750 local pickup,
let me know, I can take pictures and send them out to you. but it looks like a complete engine with taped openings, no rash or signs of abuse.
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