Thank you very much for your support.


My name is Musti and I would like to thank everyone from Gray Area Racing / Gray Area KTM.

On 01/23/2021, I had made an order for the over sized fuel injector for my 2015 KTM RC 390. To save some money, I opted for the USPS First-Class Package International Service shipping method.

They immediately shipped it out, without any concerns. However, unfortunately, due to COVID-19 reasons, there was a delay in me receiving my shipment. As per the tracking info, I waited for 30 - some days, and then contacted the team at Gray Area. Upon knowing my concern, they tried contacting the shipping service for an update. Before even they heard back from the shipping service, without even me requesting it, they voluntarily sent out another shipment (using the same shipping method). I was humbled but worried at the same time, since the first one didn't come with the same shipping service.

We waited and the same thing happened the second time, I didn't receive it. I then decided to wait till I gather some money to opt for the Fed-Ex shipping method (as I had just recently lost my job)

In the meanwhile, I contacted my local postman, and he denied of having anything for me.

End of March, after returning from the engineers shop, my mother pointed out a package on the table for me. And guess what, Gray Area KTM is said. I jumped in excitement and joy. I immediately installed the part and left for a test drive, and oh boy I loved the feel with the open air box. Later that night, I sent them an email informing them of me receiving the package. They confirmed it was the first one. Therefore we were sure the second one is also on the way.

The kind guys at Gray Area KTM asked me to keep them both, and keep the second one with me for no charge. I was very very humbled and grateful to them.

Today, 18th April, 2021, the second one arrived.

Tomorrow morning, which is Sunday, I will look into my Duke 200 and see if this injector fits, and if it does, I will use it for my Duke 200.