Triple Tree Front Stand Ideas


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After fighting getting on my triple tree stand for weeks, I finally decided I needed to try something different. I'm using dmp s-spec stands and was having clearance issues on the front end as well as issues with the angle of my pins. I kept scratching my front wheel fender as well as the piece underneath the headlight assembly. I know people with other brands of stands (pitbull, venom, etc.) were having the same problems, I'm hoping this will help them resolve the same issue.
This is what I did to fix it:
Took a 4"x 3/4" bolt, a few nuts, some washers and spacers, as well as a rubber gasket to hold the top spacer down, and made my own pin with all of it. I needed it to be the perfect height, not to long, but not to short, so I wouldn't have clearance issues anymore.
Also had some foam pipe insulation laying around so I took that and wrapped parts of my stand that were scratching up my fairings when installing and removing the stand.
I know it doesn't look the best and I'll probably do some modifications to it, but I just used what I had lying around. At the end of the day, it gets the job done and that's what matters!


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