TYGA Weld Failures


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I recently raced (AHRMA) my RC390 Cup Bike at Barber Motorsports Park. One of my competitors wife had to pull of track when the welds failed near the head of the pipe. A welder at the track TIG welded it back together. Her husband had te same failure at another track. TYGA replaced that exhaust no questions asked. I sent a email to Mstt (TYGA USA disstributor to see if TYGA was working on a fix (no response as of yet)
I'm looking to buy the exhaust system, but I have concers as to the durabilty / relabilty. It would seem to me that a fix would be to gusset the affected area to provide more strength.
Anybody else seen this failure?
Amybody had areponse from TYGA on this issue?