WANTED: rc390 motor


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Bent a valve and cam chain let loose in my 15’ cup bike. Need a motor. Are the 15’-18’ motors all generally the same ?


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14-16 are the same, 17-18 are different, and I know there were changes to the 2019 bike but I'm not sure if that included the motor.


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just had a 2019 motor put in my 2015, no issues minus my GB stator cover guard no longer fits due to them redesigning the stator cover for some reason, but it all mounted up fine. Newer motor has slipper clutch, redesigned head gasket/piston barrel. They didn't have to swap out harnesses/hoses or anything, if there is a redesigned sensor somewhere it's compatible with the old harness.


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A 2015 top end should work fine on a 2017 right? I can't seem to find any indication it shouldn't.


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I am Parting out my RC 390 and have an engine. Well whole RC for that matter, Let me know if you need anything.


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Way late to send this, but I have all the parts you need and you can have them for cheap. I have a 2015 top end put together by Spears racing. It has all the fancy shims and such from here: http://www.ktmperformance.com/ktm-390-performance-valve-spring-kit.html. Shoot me an e-mail if you want it. It's fresh. The impeller fan cracked and blew through the cases after about 4 hrs of track time. email [email protected] if you are interested.
is this still available?