YSS Suspension


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Hi Guys'n'Gals.
Has anyone had any experience with YSS Suspension?

I have included web links to rear shock and fork springs and preload caps.
I am not a track rider, just road use. I dearly love my RC but I do not love the back shock.
I feel it is lacking in damping, and rebounds too quick. I feel a good shock will transform my RC.

I find the front end great, no complaints, but know from past experience that if I upgrade the rear shock the front will suddenly feel like crap.
So I am looking for some advice.
Many thanks in advance



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Several Duke/RC riders use YSS and some are happy.
During my search for replacements, YSS Thailand (manufacturer) was the ONLY one not responding to my 2 email requests.
Mupo, Nitron, Öhlins, K-tech and others replied within a reasonable time.
This was approx September 2021 but still no reply from YSS.
I figured if they will be like this after you have purchased one and have an issue I'd rather pass.
Got a Nitron R1. and Mupo fork inserts, happy.