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    The way you can find out is see if the calipers are the same across the years. If you have the parts CD you can tell, or you can probably find the PNs online. I suspect that they are the same, as I don't remember reading about a brake change from 15-17. Post up when you find out.
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    The Big Fuel Range Thread, or...

    Yeah, that's pretty short. Best guesses are lean angle at the pump (not getting it full), or running REALLY rich. In the old days it would be easy to pull the sparkplug and check for a rich condition, but it's not so easy on this one. New bike? New to you? Warranty?
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    The Big Fuel Range Thread, or...

    How many miles on that tank?
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    2022 RC390 Discussion

    A ZX-4R would get my rapt attention. Still can't get my eyeballs around the new RC. Of course my dealer can't promise they can get their hands one one either.
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    engine swap

    I am by no means an expert, but I suspect the answer is yes. If you expand "fit" to include having all the electronics plug directly into the 2014's wiring, the answer gets a little more murky.
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    2022 RC390 Discussion

    If I read correctly, it's a half-gallon or so bigger. A parallel question is whether the fuel gauge on the new TFT dash is any more accurate than the "guess gauge" on the outgoing bike.
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    2022 RC390 Discussion

    I will freely admit that I don't know, but it would depend on the forks and the axle. The odds probably aren't good. On a separate note, the lean angle in some of the "official" pics looks preposterous. Anybody else think so?
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    2022 RC390 Discussion

    So, I've been worse than absent, but one of the other OGs posted up the pix of the next generation RC: Official KTM website The webpage is pretty good, actually, and the bike looks a good bit better in this picture and on the website than in the earlier pictures. Just going to have to...
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    RC690 is already being sold in North America

    Well... That's purposeful. And unlovely. And breathtakingly expens$ive. Good on 'em for building it, but I'll do without or wait for a production model.
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    2015-16 KTM RC390 CD Repair Manual

    Deal Pending
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    Rc 732 r

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    Sold 2018 RC390

    That's a beauty.
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    Treachery's Garage Sale Part Two--OE Windscreen, Clutch Lever, Front Brake Pads

    Back from the missing bump. Look. I really want this stuff gone. The pads and the levers will cost almost as much to ship as I'm asking, but better in your hands than mine. The windshield is in fine shape, shippers just kill you to ship light but bulky items. Give me a shout with any questions.
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    Treachery's Garage Sale--OVAH, All items sold

    Back from hibernation bump.