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Hi all, I have a 2016 RC390 that I just purchased. It looks like someone cut the pipe right at where it comes out of the fairing, I wanted to put a slip-on on this bike. Can anyone tell me what is needed, also has passenger pegs removed?
Hi Tony
Hope all is well with you. Enjoying racing the RC390 excpt for stalling it on a start line and could not re-sstart by pulling in the clutch has to go back to neutral
I noticed in the documentation you gave me on the bike was abunch of electrical schematics. If you are up for it do you think you could help me wire the bike to fix my issue. I'm willing to pay you for your help
Thanks Rob
Hi Guys, thanks for accepting me, Have a 2021 390 Duke and a 2015 British Superbike cup bike for parading.
Hi all..new here and just ordered the 2022..I want to know are any aftermarket full exhaust systems out yet, has a flash tune been developed and any other motor mods available, I heard 55 hp is possible..
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Hi I have been using GPR brand complete exhaust. It has two baffles and deletes the cat. Great exhaust sound and street legal.