1. A

    RC frame, 690 engine

    Hi all, I saw somwhere a post of a guy that installed a 690 duke into a RC390 frame. Any help finding it will be great 10x
  2. N

    Assembly disappointment

    So I have a 16 RC now have about 450 mile on it, been hearing a vibration coming from under the instrument panel. I also had a large smear on the inside of the windscreen that I couldn't reach without taking it off. I used this rainy New England day to take the screen off and see if I could...
  3. W


    Will it allow you to push out yor redline like the akra map does? My closest dealer will not install maps any longer after blanking one out and finding out ktm will not warranty or stand behind the dealer if something goes wrong.
  4. W

    sad day for my rc :/

    Today I have hit a deer on my rc and i am having trouble finding the parts I need if anyone could help I'd appreciate it
  5. Formula390

    Steering damper kit - Am I missing finding one? Who's interested?

    I had searched around online, and didn't see anything but maybe I missed finding one. I'm kinda shocked the bike didn't come with one out of the box, but whatever... Anybody interested in a steering damper kit for the front end of your 390? I dunno about y'all but I'm finding the bike a tad bit...
  6. KwicK To Master KTM

    Any other Aussies with a new RC 390 ?

    Just trying to start a thread for Aussie RC 390 owners - I purchased mine 1 month ago and live in the sunshine coast - I know there is one more sold in this area - How is everyone finding their new bike?