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    Ktm rc 390 abs bypass

    Hello my name is Claudio .... I need to remove the ABS module, to connect the brakes with direct line. I would like to help me disarm the bike. Is it necessary to remove the fuel tank or the battery holder or both ??? And the other question, are the ABS electrical connection lines left ??? Is...
  2. W

    Side Stand Sensor Bypass KTM Duke 390

    PROBLEM One of two bolts holding the side stand onto my KTM Duke 390 came loose. The side stand rotated, pulling on the side stand sensor wires. The wires frayed and came apart. The electronics in the motorcycle now read "Side Stand Down" permanently, even when the side stand was up. Therefore...
  3. KTMPerformance

    ABS bypass brake line - NOW AVAILABLE IN CUSTOM COLORS

    We just added the orange and black color scheme to our online catalog. Other colors are available, let us know what you'd like to see! KTM Store :: KTM Street Powerparts :: 390 DUKE :: Brakes :: KTM PERFORMANCE ABS BYPASS BRAKE LINES FOR 390
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    Side stand bypass

    After talking to fast eddy on the phone about the side stand bypass this what I came up with. I took a 3.9k Ohm resistor 1/2 " size. I didnt realize they go as small as an 1/8th. Anyways I took the ends and made a "U" shape, I put dielectric grease all in the motor side plug and inserted one "U"...