1. V

    Something fell off the bottom fairing and I don't know where they go.

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask. I was doing an oil change earlier. When I removed the bottom fairing a set of something (washers?) fell off from it and I don't know where they should go. I was able to put the bottom fairing back without these things but I'm slightly...
  2. J

    1 or two teeth smaller rear sprocket consequences

    Hey, thinking about putting a slightly smaller rear sprocket on at one time. I know Formula390 knows this stuff inside and out. Iknow there will be slightly less acceleration, slightly greater fuel economy, and slightly less revs at the same speed. What are the quantitative measurements on...
  3. Superpacman13

    Titanium Retainers

    We have produced a set of titanium valve retainers for RC390's, you may ask why we would do such a thing? We have found that with extended high RPM usage the stock valve retainers will fail. The angles between the collets and the retainers do not match well enough for them to hold they valve...
  4. K

    FS: Fender Eliminator (MNNTHBX) + Slightly used set of tires (<200mi)

    Hi all, Looking to sell: MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator - ($60 shipped) Set of stock tires (<200 mi) - $150 picked up, or $150 + shipping. Located in Socal area. Message me! Thanks
  5. M

    Top Triple Clamp & Handle Bars - Coming Soon!

    Coming soon. RC390 top triple clamp and handle bars. All specifically designed for the RC390. The whole assembly is lighter than the standard setup, and with the bars being seperate from the top clamp, there's no worry about breaking the top clamp during a crash, which is going to happen on the...
  6. D

    this bolt got loose, anyone else?

    While washing the bike I noticed this bolt was loose Can someone tell me what this bolt is for? I tried to put it back in but the hole are not aligned and the bolt is slightly bent. Thanks for any input on this.
  7. A

    Cutting down the stock tail/license plate bracket.

    Im sure im not the only one who is having trouble justifying spending the money on an aftermarket tidy tail, at least while there is no cheap options available. So i decided to cut down the existing bracket. All i did was cut the tube out of the middle of the bracket and weld both ends back...
  8. B


    Has anyone changed out their grips yet? I'm not a fan of the stock ones and bought some Vortex superbike grips today but they are too long. Looks like the RC runs slightly shorter grips than most other bikes. Anyone here find some that work?