hello, new guy checkin in


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Hey forum members. New guy checking in. I don't own an RC390....yet. I have been riding for 21 years went through lots of bikes, and took a break for about 6 years due to personal stuff. Spent a few months figuring out what I want and decided I am about to go all in on an RC390. Joined to learn from this community.

I use to race pocketbikes in the early 2000's and was going move up but life came in the way. Now that I am getting more time back I figured the RC390 is perfect for the backroads around the town 2 wheeled transportation. Also thinking about signing up for some track lessons.

Anyway just stopping in to introduce myself and warn you in advance for any stupid questions I may ask in the future.


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Welcome. Stupid questions are what keeps this site going!

You're going to love your 390. It's perfect for the backroads twisties. Enough power to allow you to wring its neck almost everywhere, light and flickable. It really isn't a "beginner bike" so much as a proper, smaller sportbike.

You can really maximize it by reducing weight: lithium battery, replace the oem sprockets with aluminum, replace the chain with a good quality XRing or non-ORing, Get rid of the boat anchor that is the stock exhaust. A nice set of rearsets and a race screen help with aerodynamics. A 140/70 rear helps liven up handling.

Make sure you know the location of every backroads gas station within 100 miles.