New one from Europe


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my name is Christian I was born in 84 and I live in Vienna / Austria not Australia ;) .
Wanted to ride in the TNT Cup this year but thanks to Corona nothing came of it. So I use the time and give my little ones a few upgrades.
When looking for spare parts I came across the forum with really exciting articles and lo and behold, I was already registered. Hope for many tips and tricks

Some pics from Almeria (Spain) in January.I also drive an RSV4 but not for long because the 390 is just so much fun12F849AE-F4FA-4F0A-AA41-4433C0E98D35.jpegC19B858B-29C3-43CA-9780-C9A9704EE30D.jpeg4FE0000E-211D-424A-A54E-569872C37493.jpegBFCFE7CF-FE87-442C-9E3B-D670EA0F5673.jpeg