Turns Over but Won't Fire


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In short: ran fine, not a single issue, this morning playing around with display menues and such, learning annunciatior lights, turned key on and off like six or so times, went to fire, turned over fine but never kicked except one or two exceptionally powerful backfires, several more attempts, even tried to bump start down the hill, nothing. Did I flood it by multiple key turns? Did I fry something in the electrical? All appears fine on the pannel, battery turns over same as ever, all lights work. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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Check for loose spark plug cable. Make sure spark is generated at the spark plug tip (be careful and ground the spark plug) if we have spark, the issue is elsewhere. Update when you can.



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Engines are simple beasts. They need:
- Fire
- Fuel
- Pressure
- Air

Debug your Crank Won't Start in that order of priority. One of them is bad.


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Oh, if you have a spare spark plug you could pull the ignition coil wire, insert the plug and rest the threaded portion on some metal to ground it. Then turn the engine over and see if you can see spark from the plug. Make sure your battery is strong.