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Ok, this is going to require a back-story.

Above is my 17 RC390 with 6k miles on the odometer. It's never been tracked. Never been down. Owned by 63 y/o guy who is fastitious about taking care of his bikes.

It has the following upgrades:
1) A Fire-Ring cylinder, new piston and hi-comp gasket from Gray Area; ($600) -This thing WILL NOT blow up, period.
2) Upgraded SPAL puller fan, silicon hoses etc. ($200)Since the rebuild the temp bars have never gone above two bars below the H line, including a day of riding who ambient temperature was +/- 98 f. NO OVERHEATING PROBLEMS>
3) PCV and Autotune. Hooked up but needs dialing in. Right now the engine light is on when I connect the PCV and autotune.
4) Engine runs strong, no issues.
5) ceramic wheel bearings front/back ($300)
6) Werkes exhaust, wrapped. ($600)
7) generic rearsets that look and work perfectly. ($150)
8) Open airbox with hi-flow filter ($60)
9) Adjustible levers ($50)
10) HHH pads, new ($50)
11) Non-O ring, low drag 520 chain with lightweight alloy sprocket. ($150)

I also have the following parts which arent currently on the bike. They are all NEW, never been mounted, all in their original packaging.
1) Carbon Fiber tank Cover ($300)
2) Carbon Fiber Battery Cover ($150)
3)Carbon Fiber Front Fender ($150)
4)Carbon Fiber Rear fender ($100
5) Carbon Fiber rear seat replacement for street ($200 approx) - no longer shows on Tyga website.
6) Forged alloy top triple clamp with orange anodized fork caps and triple clamp nut- can use with under clamp clip-ons ($175)
7) Keyless alloy gas cap ($60)
) An opaque, low cut fairing front that replaces the windscreen. (USED but nice $50)

Here's my deal: I've been diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal stomach cancer. I have =/- 6 months to live.

I want to sell this bike before I die so it's not left to my wife to try to figure out what it is and how much its worth. I can easily see her getting taken advantage of by someone who knows the value of whats on the bike and what's not but included.

To this end, I'm open to your suggestions about how best to sell it. My first thought is simply sell the bike as it sits and have the buyer figure out the PCV Autotune issues. Once that's cleared up, the bike will be a killer deal.

As for the CF bits, I could sell them individually here on the site.

I might also be willing to pull the Werkes exhaust and the PCV and Autotune and sell them seperately.

Let me know what you think. I'm hoping at the end of all of this that someone will get a great bike that's finally had its kinks worked out and will ride it and enjoy it, while I'll recoup at least some of my investment and know that I won't leave it for my wife to deal with.

Thanks guys. Remember, every day you wake up is a special day. Don't ever forget how precious life is...

Cheers, Tim Vann

I'm also entertaining the idea of selling the


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There could be some 3rd party options for you. I follow iconicmotorbikes on instagram, they fix/maintenance bikes before they auction them on their website. They mostly do more collectible bikes but they might be able to help or point you towards someone. But they usually will include any extra aftermarket/stock parts that come from the owner.
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Best to you and your family. I am a cancer survivor. They told me less than 6 months but I got lucky. Hang tough in your battle.