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  • Yea, its nice. Quality kit, good connectors etc. I have played with the software, and it works well. Its a bit odd in a few places, as I am use to other tuning software, but that could just be me.

    My 2 concerns are that it clearly states that rev limits can be raised, but it can't. Its on the It, Can, US websites as being able to raise the rev limit. It can't be done with the current software.

    The other concern is that the updates to software are not that frequent, so if there is a problem it may be a while till it gets addressed. Also, communication with the dealers are really poor. Seems like they don't care about the customer once bought.

    Other than those two things, its excellent. Really works well, and the software is live. Map flashing is very fast. Bike is totally different than stock especially at low rpm. Has more torque, more power and is smoother. Getting better fuel economy too.
    I saw you have installed a rapidbike. I just put one on my 17 RC. How do you like it? Have you gone into the software and messed with it at all?
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