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    Need Help Decat or decat and resonator delete for rc390 2018

    I'm new to the forum . I have a confusing in choosing between decat or do both decat and resonator . My preference is to maximum gains after dyno tune and i dont need my bike sound as loud as full system (cops problem).
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    Question Replacement for OEM silencer/cat

    So I have a generation 1 RC (2014), is there a solution of getting rid of the heavy OEM pre-silencer / decat but keeping the clean exhaust look? I don’t want a long pipe but I would like a lighter pre silencer which makes a bit more of a meaty sound. Does anyone know anything like that?
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    Upgrading intake and installing PCV

    This is my first post! For the next track season I am considering upgrading my RC 390 by installing a free flow exhaust and a high flow air intake, completing the upgrade by installing a PCV and getting a custom map om the dyno. This is my current plan: Exhaust: -Install a cat delete pipe in...
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    Question Difference in exhuasts decat and Link pipes for exhuasts systems

    Hi all, as the title suggests I am curious what the consensus is about the different exhuast setups, Im looking at the Leo Vince Cat Eliminator Link Pipe and was wondering what the difference was between that, and say a straight pipe gpr setup? What's the point of the big area in the middle of...