2018 rc390 angled grips ?


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So not sure if is under suspension or body but has anyone changed their grip bars on the 2018. Now i DONT mean keeping the triple and putting secondary 7 deg clip-ons below as that would seriously restrict turning unless you also replaced the factory upper triple clamp (which i was hoping not to do) - I was wondering if anyone makes 7 degree downward angled bar grips that i can slip in the existing triple?

I use my 2018 rc390 as a commuter but would like it to feel like a cbr600rr (or 1000rr) with the angled grips.... so like if there was a way to take the factory 2018 handlebars and precisely bend them down to 7 degree angle that would be awesome. Want both of my bikes to feel the same the ktm seems like the factory bars too high at 0 deg angle. While my CBR feels much better grip but dont want to make it daily with my long commute.

I was hoping to reuse the factory triple - as know that a few places offer upper T-clamp that can be used with adj clip-ons.... i was just checking to see if anyone has done this - perhaps i should have got a ninja instead...

seems this kit might work but unclear the angle on the clip-ons densest seem like the angle can be adjusted ...

better - but not for 2018 rc390

Has anyone else done a similar mod?