Rapid bike USB cable


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Recent new member from the UK and very grateful for all the informative posts on here. Recently finished putting together 16 model RC. I bought the bike disassembled, the bike had been stripped down to the crankcases so i have had quite a steep learning curve putting the bike back together which it now is. I intend to use the bike for trackdays but also run it on the road. I have fitted a Tyga exhaust, R6 shock, open airbox and powerparts rearsets and Rapidbike evo. The Rapidbike evo i have is the cheaper model specific item so does not come with the USB cable, i have made a USB to Serial cable with Sumitomo connector but i cannot get it to connect with the Rapidbike via laptop and the Rapidbike software. I would like to upload a map closer to the specification of the bike and also lift the rev limit. Just wondering if there anyone in the UK that has a cable i could buy, hire, borrow.