SOLD! FS: 2017 RC 390 Race/Track, Northern California


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Professionally built late 2017 RC 390 (throttle by wire) by TekMoto in Chico, dyno last year showed 47 rear wheel horsepower (this was on a 415 chain, I've since changed to a 520 O-ring chain); includes the back-cut 5th gear (never pops out of gear), heavy-duty detent spring, shimmed transmission, 100 octane fuel
Andreani front inserts
Ohlins rear shock plus a spare heavier spring
Custom red paint on the trellis frame and wheels by Shreddog HydroGraphics
Full suite of RapidBike electronics, including the MyTune dash, Bluetooth module, Quickshifter, etc.
Rottweiler Performance fairing stay (no longer produced)
Yoshimura 3/4 exhaust
Evotech front axle sliders
Keyless ignition
Driven fuel cap
SPAL radiator fan
MGP rearsets in race/GP shift pattern, Woodcraft pegs
Driven upper triple clamp with Vortex 7-degree clip-ons
HotBodies plastic with a custom tail for better tuck
KTM metal chain guard
Brembo 15 RCS Corsa Corta master cylinder plus the stock
New OEM front caliper
KTM Powersports folding clutch lever
ABS delete
Fresh Zero Gravity battery, the biggest that will fit the bike
Powerlet port (for battery charging)
Safety wired/clipped
Tires are Pirelli SC1s with 4 races on them and a couple of track days, still have life in them.
Box of spares including sprockets, spare Yoshi exhaust (including a repacked muffler), 2 fresh sets of SBS Dual Carbon front pads, spare front caliper, new windscreen, a complete bolt set, documentation, manuals, etc.
AiM Solo 2 DL cable to charge the Solo as well as a pickup from the coil for RPM data (the Solo is not included)
Fresh clutch (stock slipper) at the beginning of the year, fresh Liquid Ice, fresh wheel bearings
The title is free and clear California, registered non-op
The bike is truly ready to race and is currently stickered for 2021 AFM (Northern California)
Motul 300v 15/50 was fresh prior to 3 days at Round 4 AFM
Kickstand comes off for racing with 2 14mm bolts
PDF owners manual and service manual
The bad...
The belly pan has made contact with the ground a couple of times in hard cornering, it's probably under sprung for me. It still holds fluid but it could stand repair or replacement but it is still functional.
Many 390s are temperamental but this one has been great. I've had no problems other than the occasional loose bodywork bolt or two here and there. TekMoto and the previous owner did a great job of building a reliable and capable 390.
The bike has no problems and it's been a great learning tool for me. I'm now focusing on my other bikes.
Excellent track or race bike. With the original owner, it took him to 4 championships in AFM.
Located in Petaluma, CA and can deliver locally


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