1. N

    2017 RC390 Battery not charging

    My motorcycle died on track at a very high speed and I think it is due to the charging system failure. I have antigravity Lithium Ion battery that cuts off the power when the voltage drops below a threshold. I charged the battery and started the bike, the battery continues to drop the voltage...
  2. J

    New from Houston area 2017 Duke 390

    So I just bought a Duke 390 that has 1500 miles on it. I have owned bikes before. I have ridden dirt bikes since I was 4 and my first motorcycle was a 955i Speed triple, then a vt1100(early model with 20 more hp and 5 gears), then a valkyrie, and now back to a KTM 390. I'm hoping to do a full...
  3. HardRacing

    RIGID Industries LED Light "What's in the Box ? " video series

    . Since just about everyone has a bike, car, boat, truck, trailer, RV,...etc. We thought we'd make a video series about the RIGID LED Lights..... what they are, what they look like, what's in the box. These lights apply for nearly every application out there. >> RIGID LED LIGHTS <<...
  4. I

    Bought my first new bike

    After 14 years bikeless I just bought a brand new RC390 and very pleased with it too. And oh! my was it a bargain ... I honestly struggle to see how you would get more bike for the money. The downside (or upside) of it being such a good deal, is that after tireless searches for mods and...
  5. J

    2016 ktm rc390 so cal

    2016 ktm rc390. Clean title under my name, never dropped. 3178 commute miles will continue to go up. Yoshi tail tidy and custom led rear signal lights. Owners manual, two keys, key card. Im the second owner. I bought this not too long ago at 1900 miles. I have added the upgraded spal fan...
  6. mdabyo

    2015 KTM RC390 Race bike.

    Firstly bike is located on the east coast of Canada, but can arrange shipping if needed. Price $5000 - Bike (clean Ontario title, never registered here as it was a track bike from new)- Andreani Cartridges- JRI Rear Shock- Top-end engine upgrade with KTM performance valve spring kit (includes...
  7. N

    2017 Reliability

    Hi, I'm new to riding and on a search for a good 300 series bike. I am currently looking into the R3 used and have the chance to pick up a 2017 RC 390 from a friend of mine . His bike has about 275 miles on it. My concern is reading about all the issues these bikes have and wondering...
  8. D

    Greetings from San Diego!

    Hello all, I’m Diana. I recently picked up my first bike a few weeks ago and I must say I am so stoked! I’ve put 350 or so miles on it so far and it’s become my daily form of transportation. I’m incredibly new to riding but the bike already makes me feel comfortable. I’m curious to see what...
  9. O

    90% Complete RC390 for parts

    Following the semi-successful parting out of most of the aftermarket parts on my 390, I'd like to throw out a feeler for the rest of the bike. It is just too time consuming for me to part out the bike to the frame. So, I'm listing the rest of the bike to be sold, as-is, to someone who needs or...
  10. T

    Shimming Valves

    So given that the spec range for clearances on both intake and exhaust is 0.04mm and shims come in increments of 0.05mm I have an issue getting my bike within the recommended range. All my valves are just under spec on the tight side. Ideally I'd set them in the middle of the spec range however...
  11. A

    '15 cup suspension mods

    Hello, I just purchased a '15 cup bike with 1mile on the odometer.(KTM had used it for a media event, this one had the least amount of rash) my intent is to use it for track days and club racing in the Sr group (I'm 60+). the front end seems stiff compared to the rear. the sag front/rear from...
  12. JacobJakeJacob

    Parts for the Duke that fit our RC's

    Hey All, I picked up my 2018 RC 390 on Friday and I've ridden all weekend trying to get a feel for the bike and learn it's features, the fit/feel of the bike, and start to let it's mannerisms become second nature to me. Well I definitely have come up with a mental notes on things I'd like to...
  13. JacobJakeJacob

    Howdy All from Dallas

    Sup Fam My names Jacob, from the DFW area in North TX. I"ve been riding for about 12 years, I"m 27 now and haven't owned a bike myself in about 8 years. I've still ridden friends and families bikes occasionally, but I bit the bullet and after driving a friends RC 390 I picked one up myself...
  14. KBear

    General cleaning

    If you guys clean and lubricate your chain a lot, make sureyou remove the front chain guard every so often and clean behind there as well.I took mine off a couple weeks ago and it was pretty dirty behind the guard andI always thought I kept my bike very clean. Now that I know better, I’ll...
  15. B

    WANTED: rc390 motor

    Bent a valve and cam chain let loose in my 15’ cup bike. Need a motor. Are the 15’-18’ motors all generally the same ?
  16. O

    2015 RC390 (San Diego)

    Mods please delete Please delete.
  17. D

    2015 ECU retains error codes?

    Hi, I'm looking at bike that had sat for while. Most likely battery has died. Does the ECU store error codes in non-volatile memory? Or are all codes erased when battery dies? I'm interested in any faults that this bike may have had before it was stored. Thanks!
  18. mdabyo

    Race Parts (updated list)

    prices updated Getting out of the RC390 race game. so starting to sell a few of my race goodies. 2015-2016 Throttle body, ported, 350cc injector, RC390R runner. Includes a Custom map! $400 Tyga Header (used 1 weekend) $120 Vesrah pads with 1 weekend on them. $80 Akra Pipe (low sided so scuffed...
  19. mdabyo

    User parts

    Getting out of the RC390 race game. so starting to sell a few of my race goodies. 2015-2016 Throttle body, ported, 350cc injector, RC390R runner. Includes a Custom map! $500 Tyga Header (used 1 weekend) $130 Vesrah pads with 1 weekend on them. $100 more to come as i take stuff off the bike...
  20. S

    Inside a blown-up RC390 happened to me

    So some of you might remember me- I joined this place a long time ago. I was told by my dealer I was the first person in the state of GA to take possession of an RC390, MY2015. I left this forum and said "see ya!" a year and half back when the motor decided to lock up in the N. Ga mountains...