2017 rc390


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I just got my rc yesterday and i noticed the batery cover keep sliding off i tried to cut the aprings and still not locking right,im new here so have patience with me


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Is the pull wire under the seat returning after it's pulled or is it binding? It may just be that the cable isn't allowing the lock to snap the metal U into place.

Welcome to the forum and the RC! If you've got any questions or problems, ask away! :)


The battery cover has never gone on easy for me. I give it a tap with a rubber mallet or hit with my palm [FONT=&quot]¯\_(ツ)_/¯[/FONT]


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^^ That's what I did, noticed it the first time I took the cover off. Cool that a video exists.

Anyway, it works... just cut a coil or two off. I only cut one, and it works fine now.


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thinking that maybe one could also free up the friction on the pivot? if that other pivot moved easier, maybe the factory spring would be strong enough?