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Hi guys,

Just quick note here for help from those who might have some insight.

I have 2 fairly built out 2015 rc390 race bikes and am always on the hunt for spares. Anyway, stumbled across a wrecked (front end damage, frame totalled but engine back clean) 2018 with 1500kms on it that will hit the market tomorrow and I don't want to miss out on if it make sense...

Basically just looking for some help on understanding the interchangeability between my current to bikes and this opportunity for an inexpensive spare engine (with better cooling channels in the head) and a few other bits on the wreck.

So my question is will a 2018 engine run in a 2015 wiring harness and PCV? My guess is no because they're ride by wire and if not, I could likely just take the wiring harness from the wreck and would I likely have to buy another entire PCV to run this?

Both my bikes run: akros, powercommander v, thin gasket kits, Ti retainers, other engine bits I'm forgetting

Any other general commentary on the 2018 vs the 2015 engines? Again I have 0 experience with them.

Lastly, do 2018 side plastics fit on 2015-16 models? I've got some damaged panels but no point buying off the wreck if they don't transfer. Any other bits I should be conscious of sniping that might not be top of mind?

Thanks all,
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Almost everything crosses over with no issues except the shift drum which makes the conversion difficult as the gear position sensor doesn't fit between the 2015-16 bikes and the 2017-2021 bikes. There are lots of desirable upgrades so if you can get it cheap enough and split the motor down to change the drum and sensor out then you would be ok.