need help getting springs for my weight on cup bike


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hello all,
I've contacted the suspension guy at the track I'll be going to soon so get my cup bike all set up for my weight.
He did some research and was unable to find information on what springs are currently on a stock CUP bike, and how to acquire new springs.
He said I may be forced to buy springs directly from KTM. Is this correct? if so, how do I order springs from them?

He said he also needs to know what weight rider the stock springs are set to on the default stock bike.

(obviously, front forks and rear shock springs is what I need)

I weigh 170, + gear.
Stock CUP bike, and suspensions feels very very soft.

Thanks in advance for any information and help with this.



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I use Ohlins springs with bushing adapter kits cheaper and more spring rates available.... KTM does not sell the springs direct, thru WP only. PM me for more info or to purchase.


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Be curious to see if you end up getting new fork springs, I'm 165lbs with gear and kept the CUP forks stock and changed out the rear to an ohlins .75nm spring. Eibach makes springs that fit too.