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    Your Christmas List

    I would buy your 400, if you were closer and it is in decent shape.
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    Drops of oil coming from breather hose

    Any chance you may have overfilled the crankcase with oil at your last oil change? These bikes really want the oil level to be checked and adjusted only after the bike is properly warmed up. It needs to be very warmed up motor. Just sayin...
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    Suis-je le seul Francais?

    wow, suddenly Im hungry for French Toast. :)
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    Brake help?

    Why did you get rid of your ABS Delete kit and 320mm rotor kit?
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    F/S NJ Competition Werks exhaust, Fork leg, Caliper and passenger pegs

    So, if you have an extra front caliper for sale... what did you put in place of it on the bike? Im curious.
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    Hot Hot Heat - Or How to Cool Your RC390.

    Are you running any kind of fuel controller on the bike other than stock ECU?
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    Site bug thread

    I dont see time stamps anymore for the date and time of posting on the forum posts and replies.
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    More overheating issues

    what mods, fixes, etc have been done to this bike?
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    Braided Brake lines install

    Does anyone make a replacement brake line kit for keeping the ABS yet? I like Spiegler lines, but dont see a kit on their site for the RC390. Interested in a line set for keeping the ABS if anyone knows of one.
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    Anyone have any suggestions for this fix??

    yeah, longer bolt from inside out with a nut or two or 4 on it loctite and if you want, some rubber hose over that
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    Removing brake/clutch levers?

    Its not important until you forget and try starting the bike clutch engaged while in gear... then it becomes important. :)
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    Removing brake/clutch levers?

    it will probably not start while in gear? The clutch switch should lockout the starter if bike is in gear and clutch is engaged.
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    Looking for this decal kit

    RC2 should be the RC200 which is overseas only.
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    MCRCWA Production race

    Are you the only one on a KTM 390?